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What is The Perfect Cut? Let's Ask The South Tampa Barber

Get the Perfect Cut:

In South Tampa, different men have different approaches to finding their next haircut. Some stick with the same barbershop they’ve used since they were kids, some often tell themselves, “I need to find the cheapest, best quality barbershop that’s close to me and walk into one of them”.

According to The South Tampa Barber, sometimes, either one of these scenarios may be a recipe for disaster. As some have learned the hard way, the lowest bidder is not always the best choice when it comes to looking your best. Especially in military/ government base areas, it isn’t worth the discomfort of having your hairline pushed back or your signature fade thrown off.

If you want to be proud of your reflection in the mirror and deliver a good impression, your haircut and shave should Fit Your Face. For those who want to get the most out of their barber shop, here’s a simple guide on doing just that.


Barbers close to me” is useful as a starting point, but you shouldn’t just find the closest one and walk over there immediately. If you’re in a hurry, that’s something that you should do. However, don’t expect something fancy from the barber – and don’t expect the personalized service that you deserve.

When looking for a barbershop, there should be a few barber shops close to your location on your list. Here are some factors to consider:


You are definitely going to factor in how much you are paying for your haircut. Ideally, men should have a definite budget and schedule when it comes to grooming. There are some places that will be definitely out of your price range. Barber shop prices range from twenty dollar haircuts to something more expensive $50+ prices from premium shops.

At King of Blades, our haircuts start from $10+ and we are located on one the most accessible streets in Tampa, Dale Mabry Highway.


When you’re paying for something, you want to get the best possible service out of it. Usually, you would get just your regular haircut at a barber shop but top quality shops should also provide you with shaving, some styling and even scalp treatment. Some shops go the extra mile and offer extra primping and even a towel skin-treatment after all the cuts and shaves – refreshing your face after everything.

In South Tampa, King of Blades Barbershop prides itself on having it’s very own hot-towel, foam shave technique called the KOB King’s Shave. We offer it as a free service with any men’s haircut.


There is also the fact that you want a barber that has a good reputation. When you look at a barber shop lineup, you should also check out the reviews of the place. Some places have a better reputation than others and you want the one with the best possible reputation working on your hair.

King of Blades has an upstanding reputation in the area it is located, especially with the nearby MacDill Air Force base. We supply the best deals for military personnel and veterans!

Finding That Unique Barber Shop

When you’re looking for a barbershop, one should place utmost more importance on getting satisfactory service.The only way to really gauge how good a shop is is to personally go through the process and experience it for yourself.

· The first you should do is determine how easy it is to get a reservation. The best barber shops usually have reservations for their services. Reservations are also a good sign of how popular the shop in your area is. With an adequate booking system, one can gauge how efficient and busy the shop is, and so this ties into the overall experience.

Barber Shop Basics: Maximizing Your Barbershop Hours

If you’ve settled on a choice for your barber shop, you still have to know how to deal with your barber. There will be a need for you to do some work and observe some etiquette to ensure that you are not maximizing both you and the barber’s time. Here are some tips to being the perfect barber shop customer:

· Bring a Reference. Sometimes, you just want that look you saw on your favorite rapper. Trying to describe it with just words is self-defeating. It would be useful to bring a picture to give your barber an idea of what to aim for. This is more efficient and easier so your barber can start cutting and trimming immediately.

· Interact. Try to give as much feedback as possible. If you want to be as happy as possible about your haircut, then you will want to be as vocal as possible which doesn’t mean critical. Just be firm about what sort of look that you want. If you feel that your barber is doing something you don’t like, indicate it so that he will stop doing it.

· Be a Friend. A barber #CutKing may cut your hair, but befriending should help with the hair cutting process. A lot of people want to rush the haircut – however, that’s the wrong move. You want your barber to be as thorough as possible when it comes to your hair so you need to leave him to it. People like spending time with their friends and it helps pass the time. With our friendly barbers, you won’t notice the time pass by.

· Tip Well. When you pay at the barber shop till, that doesn’t go to the barber directly. They have their salaries. If you want to be extra appreciative and be able to keep them sweet, tip your barber generously. Around 10 to 15% of the haircut should be enough to show your appreciation of his skill and a good haircut. If it’s really good, you may even go a bit overboard.

King of Blades Barbershop: One Of Your Best Choices

Knowing all of the things above, if you’re in Tampa, FL, one of your best choices is King of Blades Barbershop The barber shop delivers everything that a man could need when it comes to styling their hair and beard. Experts will be doing their best to make you feel good || look good from the moment you enter. Our motto is Royal Treatment || Loyal Customers and we fully live up to it!