What Haircuts are Made for Receding Hairlines in South Tampa?

Receding hairlines in South Tampa are not uncommon, yet they present a challenge to those who don’t expect to have them. Fortunately, South Tampa barbers are highly trained, creative, and well-practiced in achieving haircuts that hide the feature. Instead of spending hours of research and hundreds of dollars on scalp micropigmentation, visit your local South Tampa barber shop to be presented with a wide range of options. When you build a solid relationship with your barber, it’s easy to find the haircuts and styles that work best for you.

Here are six great haircut options by the South Tampa barber you should consider if your hairline is receding:

  1. Mohawk. You may have thought this was a trend, but look at it hanging on. There are many variations of this style, and your South Tampa barber knows the best one for you. Take the sides all the way down and make the top a point of appeal.

  2. Comb-over. Not just for bald plates, this haircut is a master of disguise. It’s easy to style and will definitely cover your hairline. Your local Tampa barber shop has definitely done dozens of variations and can make great suggestions.

  3. High fade. This one never seems to go out of style. The close shave at the sides means a hairline that’s receding around the temples will be indistinguishable.

  4. Undercut. So edgy that it has to be intentional, no one will suspect that you’re trying to shift their attention away from the hairline. This style makes pushing your hair forward effortless, and that will give you the volume you need at the top of your head and in the front.

  5. Long hair. With length comes a variety of options. Side-swept bangs may seem like an easy way out, but let your barber do the talking. Side parts, curls and wavy textures, and locks can all be manipulated to cover the hairline. Don’t be afraid to make use of hair elastics and bobby pins to hold your hair in just the right position.

  6. Clean shave. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time styling your hair every day, this may be the way to go. Many men choose bald cuts because it’s easy, gives a distinguished look, and feels better when it’s a choice.

Beyond the basic haircut, talk to your barber about other ways to draw attention to the features you want to stand out. If you’d like to add a youthful flair, you can add a design. This isn’t the 1990s, so your design choice doesn’t need to be a Nike tick or a shooting star. A few well placed lines could be just the thing to take your haircut to the next level with some personality. It’s equally important to think about your facial hair. Beards, mustaches, and sideburns can make a big difference. Don’t hesitate to try a new look, especially if you’re currently working from home or in quarantine. This is the perfect time to experiment with full beards, goatees, moustaches, and even eyebrow shaping.

Remember that it takes more than clippers to make the magic. Your local barber knows everything about your hair and just enough about your style to help you choose the perfect cut. Barbers are also the best people to give styling advice, from products and tools to technique. Watch them as they make your haircut shine and, if there’s time, get some practice in under their supervision. Ask questions about what they’re using and how you can get those barber styles at home. Once you have the haircut, style, and products, you’re ready to take on the streets of Tampa.

Reach out to the South Tampa Barber if you have questions !