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Tips From The South Tampa Barber - Keeping Your Haircut #Fresh

Your haircuts are perfect. Your South Tampa at King of Blades gets it right every time. Your barbershop experience is stellar. The one thing you’re trying to figure out is how to keep that haircut fresh. The truth is that there is no magic elixir for that, but with a few simple adjustments, you can look sharp for a little longer.

Here are five tips from The South Tampa Barber for making your haircut last longer:

  1. Make it sharp. King of Blades cuts are always precise, and that’s just what you need. Your haircut will soften in a week or so, and you’ll have the option to tighten it up, but you can also choose to let it ride. Precise cuts grow out nicely and your barber will be able to easily get you back to the sharp form you love on your next visit.

  2. Think about transition. This one shouldn’t be an afterthought. Haircuts change shape as your hair grows and your scalp is stimulated by washing and brushing. When you choose your cut, give some thought to your hair’s growth rate and how you’ll work with it in a week. Maybe all you’ll need is sea salt spray and a diffuser to get a textured look to make the unruly nature of growing hair work for you. Maybe you’ll need a product with firmer hold than usual.

  3. Get the right products. Ask your King of Blades barber which products will help you to achieve the look you want every day. The length of your hair, the style of your cut, and your hair type all make a difference. That gel you use for the messy look may not be as effective as mousse in achieving a smooth, clean brush back.

  4. DIY action. Can you handle trims? If so, you’re in luck because that means you can keep your sideburns and neckline clean. It won’t be quite like a King of Blades trim, but this grooming will get you close to looking like you just got out of the chair.

  5. Wash your hair less often. Washing your hair every day strips it of its natural oils which affects the way it behaves when being styled. If you have oily scalp, exercise daily, or it is particularly humid, you may not have much choice. In cases where you absolutely need to wash your hair more than twice weekly, don’t skip the conditioner. In fact, you may want to try co-washing—using conditioner instead of shampoo to wash your hair—to avoid stripping your hair. This works best for dry hair.

According to The South Tampa Barber, following these tips, you can add an extra week or two between haircuts without compromising your style. Don’t worry, your King of Blades barber won’t hold it against you. The chair will be there when you’re ready to get a new haircut.