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Straight Razor Shave vs Electric Razor Shave, What Does the South Tampa Barber Think?

The Sharpest Difference

Well the South Tampa Barber thinks you don’t sport a beard, you’re either well on your way or know a thing or two about shaving. Not everyone enjoys this grooming practice because it takes a lot of time and energy to shave, especially if you need to do this a few times a week. One thing that all serious men can agree on though, is, that shaving is essential to looking and feeling good.

The question has been sparking conversation in South Tampa since the dawn of the electrical razor, is whether straight razor shaving is better than using an electric razor. The choice between these razors is often tricky for many men, because they don’t understand the differences between them. According to The South Tampa Barber, most people who visit the barbershop understand the fundamental differences but don’t know how either can enhance or worsen their shaving experience. We’re not called King of Blades for nothing! Read on to learn the advantages of shaving with a straight razor vs. the benefits of electric razor shaving, as well as the disadvantages of each.

What does The South Tampa Barber think of Straight Razor Shave?

It’s a straight razor with a blade that can fold into its handle, in the local south Tampa barbershops we call it the father of all razors. Centuries ago, our ancestors transitioned from using knives to these foldable instruments. While these razors may not be the most popular these days, many people prefer using it after a shape-up from their electric counterparts. They offer the closest and cleanest shave that the industry can offer. It is the hallmark instrument for a sophisticated gentleman

According to the South Tampa Barber here are essential benefits of shaving with a straight razor, as well as a few drawbacks:

Pros of a Straight Razor Shave:

The sophistication of old-school shaving with a blade - Nothing much beats old-school shaving with a blade. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that every true gentleman should regularly enjoy.

It’s versatile - If you want to experiment with different looks, you can use a straight razor to shape your beard any way you want easily.

The closest shave ever - There’s nothing that can give you as close shave as a straight razor.

It’s cost-effective - A straight razor can last a very long time, as opposed to other razors that quickly become blunt and require regular changing.

Cons of a Straight Razor Shave:

It’s time-consuming - Straight razor shaving is time-consuming, but it’s more than worth the time. And it feels very glamorous.

It takes time to master straight razor shaving - This type of shaving has a very steep learning curve, so you must have patience when practicing your steady hand. It will pay off.

Risk of cuts. - Always best to have a professional can give you a top-notch shave with a straight razor.

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