South Tampa Barber Tips: Things NOT to do in the barber chair

The barbers of King of Blades Barbershop, a leading Tampa barbershop located on the Dale Mabry highway, always keep the customer in mind, by providing an edgy, stylish or refined haircut that adds to our client’s overall look. From haircutting to shaping sideburns and trimming the beard; much time, care and attention goes into providing our clients with the best cut and experience.

To help with this, here are 11 tips from the South Tampa Barber on what NOT to do while in the barber chair:

Have unclean hair or skin. While barbers take the time to sanitize their tools such as razors, scissors and combs, they would want to only use these items on clean facial skin, hair and scalp areas. Not only is it unsafe to use their tools on skin or hair that is unclean but their other clients would be impacted by the time it takes to re-sanitize them. Therefore we ask that hair and skin remain debris-free prior to your appointment. Also avoid wearing a hat before the appointment as it can matte the hair, making it difficult to manage and be respectful to your barber to have a fresh scent, wear deodorant and display proper hygiene

Place your arm on the arm rest. It is important not to keep your arms on your lap, with only your elbows touching the arm rest as this allows for the barber to maneuver the chair as needed during the haircut.

Have unrealistic expectations. Everyone has an idea of the cut that they want and technology has allowed for the latest haircuts from their favorite celebrities to be easily viewed. While this is welcomed, it’s important to keep in mind the difference in hair texture and length from that of the celebrity in the photo. You will certainly receive the cut you desire; however, we cannot guarantee that it will change your personality or your ability to gain more online dates (although it may help for the latter as ladies love a clean look).

Wear headphones. With the latest phone technology, headphones make it easier to stay connected with your loved ones, trending Netflix shows and tunes, they are quite the hassle for your barber! It’s best to remove them as to avoid the difficulty of trying to access the hair and cut around the headphones to provide clean styling.

Talk excessively. While light conversation is generally welcomed, excessive talking can be distracting as all haircuts require a level of concentration throughout the process. On a more personal note, any information you share can be heard with a nearby listening ear and mentioned to your significant others or relatives, which may cause a disagreement later. This is especially true if it’s a popular local barber shop. It’s best to have light, casual conversation and keep it brief.

Take a phone call or text. Similar to wearing headphones, using a mobile phone in the barber chair can be distracting, interferes with styling, adds unnecessary time to the appointment and can be seen as disrespectful. Taking a break from your phone during this time would be beneficial.

Sitting poorly or spinning in the chair. Changing seating angles in the barber chair and spinning affects the symmetry, precision and overall look of the cut. Sitting upright and with your foot evenly placed on the chair pedestal provides the best height and access to your head and face which your barber will appreciate. Also, the barber will spin you when needed Moving around is more commonly observed during kid’s haircuts.

Move your head or body suddenly. Barbering is an art of precision, focus and style which involves sharp tools; thus any sudden movement has the potential for small cuts on your scalp, ear or neck. Therefore, remaining still is paramount to receiving a nick-free style. This is especially important when receiving a shave and a haircut.

Stare at the barber. This is one of the most frequent habits noted in the barber chair, but it is also the most uncomfortable. As you can imagine it’s difficult to focus on barbering when the client is staring directly in your face. It’s best to periodically close your eyes or look to the side when the barber is conducting any shaving or cutting that requires him to be in front of you.

Change your mind mid-cut. This will affect the overall outcome and appearance of your hair cut as it’s difficult to adjust a hair style during the cut. It is best to select the style you want and feel comfortable with it prior to your appointment.

Argue the price. Seated in the barber chair, is the worst time to argue price. With the skills and expertise involved in barbering, it’s worth noting that this service won’t likely be available at a low price. Additionally short hair doesn’t always require less attention or skill than a longer length. It’s better to know the price and make inquiries in advance.

At King of Blades Barbershop, we ensure that our South Tampa clients receive a high quality haircut and first class experience from start to finish. Avoiding the points above, guarantees this with each visit. Help us, help you. If you’re new to the area, use the barbershop near me feature in your Global Positioning System (GPS) or Google Maps to locate the top barbershop in Tampa, Florida.