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Most Popular Haircuts for Men with Short hair

Nothing says charisma, charm and sophistication like the right haircut. With a pair of scissors and smooth blades, you’ll be amazed at the sleek and clean haircuts that can be styled on men with short hair. If you’re looking for a few ideas for your next barber shop appointment in Tampa, Florida, checkout the list of these 9 most popular haircuts chose by The South Tampa Barber for Caucasian men with short hair:


Short Blowout with Tapered Sides Cut

Imagine cruising down one of South Tampa’s roads in a convertible, you’ve just slid on a pair of dark shades to shield from the warm weather and your hair is slightly blown but effortlessly cool. This is the look and feel of the short blowout with tapered sides haircut. It’s also one of the best haircuts for a round face shape.



Classic meets modern with the pompadour, which highlights volume and sheen. It’s an easy go-to haircut as it accents all face types and is one that suits all men, whether young or older. When you think pompadour, think plush, voluminous and healthy hair.


Short Curly Quiff

Have curly hair? A short curly quiff, reminiscent of the 1950’s haircut which is still popular today, highlights the natural texture and volume of curly hair and offers a defined look. This also suits a wide range of personal styles and is surveyed to be one of the sexiest haircuts to women.


Faux Mohawk

With the sides of your hair often clipped shorter than the strip of hair on your head (that runs from front to back), the faux mohawk still draws attention to the center of the head and volume of the hair without being as severe as a mohawk. This style also works well for round face shapes as it elongates the face.


Short Cut with Finger waves

Capture the dapper look of the short style with finger waves, which is modern take on the finger wave style that was popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The finger waves help to define the front of the hair and adds to creating a classy and retro look.


Short Style with Messy Bangs

What’s more edgy and rugged than a short style of messy bangs? This haircut has a lightly tossed affect with the added fun of using your fingers to make your bangs as messy as you like. This form of a fringe works for straight, curly or wavy hair, and has the cool appeal of a rock star or lead musician.



Sporting an undercut is one of the most convenient haircuts because the wearer has the ability to be a style chameleon. This haircut allows you to wear a variety of styles such as the structured quiff, pompadour or faux Mohawk, simply based on your mood or the day of the week.


Spiked Side Part Style

You’ll certainly get noticed with this Spiked Side Part Style which is as playful as it is flirty. Keeping the sides straight and flat, you can be as creative as you like with this spiked style. You can even try highlights!