I went to this South Tampa Barbershop, my crush asked me on a date!

A fresh haircut is not just the haircut. It communicates confidence, style, and attention to detail. It’s a magnet for positive attention. Well here is a story for the South Tampa Barber readers.

No one knows the power of a great haircut like Kyle. A student in the city of Tampa, he dropped by King of Blades barbershop for a new look. After growing out his afro and struggling to take care of it, he decided to take his mother’s advice and get a haircut. He told us about how it landed him a sweet date.

Us: Why did you decide to cut your hair?

Kyle: I had to agree with my mom that girls my age were probably looking for a cleaner image.

Us: Was she right?

Kyle: Yes! Gillian, the one woman I had my eyes on at school, seemed out of my league. Beautiful and humble, she did well in her class, played basketball, and scored a corporate job as an analyst at Citibank. I wanted to ask her out for Valentine’s Day, so I followed my mom’s advice and searched for the best barbershops in South Tampa.

Us: That must have been overwhelming.

Kyle: [laughing] It seemed like there was a barbershop on every other block! I checked all the reviews and pictures to narrow it down to a couple sleek shops that seemed to offer all the services I needed, including the hot towel treatment afterwards to help with my skincare.

Us: Why did King of Blades Barbershop stand out to you?

Kyle: The barbers all looked professional, their haircuts were super clean, and I only lived 7 minutes away from the South Dale Mabry Highway location.

Us: Tell us about the experience there.

Kyle: I went the weekend before Valentine's Day to get my hair cut by Chico, one of the Master Barbers there. As I sat there in his chair, I stared at my reflection, picturing myself with a fresh look. I was pumped, but nervous at the same time, so I tried to come up with effective one-liners to use on Gillian. The good thing is that the haircut took only half an hour and, by time I was done, I looked like a whole new man.

Us: What’d you get?

Kyle: I got a skin-fade with tapered edges and waves at the top—by far the most exceptional haircut I have ever received. I was on top of the world. I even tipped Chico $20.

Us: How did it feel when you stepped out on the Tampa streets?

Kyle: I was never one to boast, but I definitely found myself walking through the nearby South Tampa malls, lowkey showing off my new haircut. I walked through restaurants, stores, and even the private lounge in the mall to feed my ego.

Us: Did you get the response you wanted?

Kyle: I got a few glances from the ladies. Walking by this elderly lady, she said I looked like the son she wish she had. That made my day! After basking in my own glory for 15 minutes I started making my way back to the parking lot and, to my surprise, I saw Gillian walking right toward me!

Us: For real? Did you ask her out?

Kyle: I almost tripped over my own foot trying to fathom this beautiful woman walking toward me, then I remembered I was looking sharp. She said, "Hey, wow! I really love your haircut. Who you fixing up for?" Before I could even answer, she had already asked me for my number!

The look brought confidence and, together, they gave Kyle a Valentine’s Day to remember in his sophomore year of college. Never underestimate what your South Tampa barber can do for you when you get the chair.