How to Choose Your South Tampa Barbershop

All South Tampa barbershops are not created equal. Tampa cuts may seem generic, but they reflect the skill of the barber and the style of the man. The same haircut in 10 different South Tampa barbershops will have different prices, give you different experiences, and even be different in appearance. Finding the best South Tampa barbershop for you takes time and dedication. Because haircuts change the way we look and feel, the search is definitely worth it.

According to The South Tampa Barber Here are 7 considerations when you’re trying to find a new barbershop:

  1. Location. Even if it’s not in your daily circuit of home and work, it would be great to find a barbershop in the general area of your regular errands. Haircuts become a ritual and you won’t always be excited about a drive across Tampa for a shape-up. Decide how far you’ll be willing to drive to get your haircut when you’re busy and tired. It’s also helpful, when your barber says it’s a bit of a wait, to be able to step out, get a few things done, and go back for your turn in the chair.

  2. Availability. That place that’s almost famous for cutting Stephen King’s hair may seem like a fantastic option, but will you ever get in the chair? Even the best South Tampa barber can only give so many haircuts in a single day. Make sure you don’t have to wait for hours or, even better, can make an appointment that will be honored. If weekends are your only free time, you’ll want to look specifically for barber shops open on Sunday. Be realistic about your time in order to find the barbershops that can fit nicely into your schedule.

  3. Skill. You know what you like, and you need a barber that can deliver. Go beyond the cuts you like now. You may want to step out of your comfort zone later on, so check out the barber’s work. You don’t want to get stuck with a one-trick pony. Look for range when you check out any barber’s work.

  4. Social media. Social media is, of course, a highlight reel, but one of the quickest ways to see a barber’s work. Any Tampa, Florida barbershop that is serious about its craft is capturing photos of the end product. You may even find a few videos of the process, giving you a chance to see the focus and precision of the barber.

  5. Recommendations. One thing is certain: we are not shy about leaving reviews. Visit your most trusted review site to see what other people are saying about the barbershops you’re considering. Not only will you see which barbershops are worth visiting, but zero in on the barbers who get name-dropped by loyal clients. Even more importantly, pay attention to what the people around you are saying about their barbershops. Wait times, price, and attitude often come up in casual conversations.

  6. Environment. You’ll spend a fair amount of time at your Tampa barbershop, so make sure it’s a place you feel comfortable. Sanitization of tools is important, so watch the way the barbers work. Maybe the kind of music they play matters to you. What kinds of conversations are they having? You’re there for the cut, but other clients can have an impact on your experience. Decide what you can and cannot deal with on a long-term basis before you choose your new Tampa barbershop.

  7. Trial run. Word of mouth, online reviews, and social media posts are a great start, but you need to see for yourself. The real proof is in your own haircut. Get in the chair and see how you look and feel when you have a fresh haircut.