How Do South Tampa Barbers Disinfect?

Every haircut is an opportunity to make a statement. While you focus on style, King of Blades Barber Shop located in South Tampa, takes care of everything else, and that includes sanitation. You probably don’t think of germs spreading in your favorite Tampa barber shop, and that’s likely because the professionals know how to prevent it. In fact, one of the most iconic items in generations and generations of barber shops is that glass container of blue liquid—barbicide.

The tools

Barbicide is a solution used to disinfect tools such as combs and scissors. It is effective on non-porous material including metal, glass, and plastic. Barbicide has to be properly mixed—two ounces of concentrate to 32 ounces of water—and is most effective when tools are immersed for 10 minutes. When that is not possible, spraying is the next best option. When sprayed, items need to be well for ten minutes before they are wiped dry with a clean cloth.

Your skin

Clean and sanitized tools are just the beginning. That alcohol your South Tampa barber rubs on your head is just as important. They’ll apply alcohol to your face and neck too if you got a shave. You don’t even notice it, but you get small cuts from the blades of clippers, liners, and razors. To avoid infections, sores, or bumps, your barber disinfects with alcohol so you have nothing to worry about when you leave the barber shop..

Alcohol strips your skin of its natural oils, so you may find that your skin is dry after a haircut. It shouldn’t be a lasting effect, so you don’t need to do anything unless it bothers you. In that case, use moisturizing products for your face and skin that you have already tested.


If you are allergic to alcohol or don’t want it used on your skin, there are other options. Let your barber know that you prefer an alternative and they will be happy to accommodate you. Witch hazel, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide are all great options. You can even use lemon or lime juice if you want to keep it as natural as possible.

When you get a haircut and hot shave, you want to be able to relax. The environment has to be right, the barber has to be skilled, and the cleanliness and sanitation have to be up to par. Don’t let any barber skip important steps that keep you free from irritation and infection. Stick with the Tampa barber shop you know is following every rule in the barber handbook.

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