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Nothing says charisma, charm and sophistication like the right haircut. With a pair of scissors and smooth blades, you’ll be amazed at the sleek and clean haircuts that can be styled on men with short hair. If you’re looking for a few ideas for your next barber shop appointment in Tampa,...

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One skill that will always be in high demand is barbering. The haircare industry has not only remained relevant, but important through many generations and changes in fashion. Whether people are sporting closely cropped cuts, locks, or afro, everyone knows a good lineup takes their look to the...


The barbers of King of Blades Barbershop, a leading Tampa barbershop located on the Dale Mabry highway, always keep the customer in mind, by providing an edgy, stylish or refined haircut that adds to our client’s overall look. From haircutting to...


A fresh haircut is not just the haircut. It communicates confidence, style, and attention to detail. It’s a magnet for positive attention. Well here is a story for the South Tampa Barber readers.

No one knows the power of a great haircut like Kyle. A student in the city of Tampa, he...

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The price of a haircut can vary greatly from one barber shop to the next. In South Tampa there are many reasons for the difference in price, none of which mean you get greater value at one price point as opposed to another. It’s best to choose your barber shop based on your budget and the...


Every haircut is an opportunity to make a statement. While you focus on style, King of Blades Barber Shop located in South Tampa, takes care of everything else, and that includes sanitation. You probably don’t think of germs spreading in your...

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Your haircuts are perfect. Your South Tampa at King of Blades gets it right every time. Your barbershop experience is stellar. The one thing you’re trying to figure out is how to keep that haircut fresh. The truth is that there is no magic elixir for that, but with a few simple adjustments, you...


All South Tampa barbershops are not created equal. Tampa cuts may seem generic, but they reflect the skill of the barber and the style of the man. The same haircut in 10 different South Tampa barbershops will have different prices, give you different experiences, and even be different in...


Receding hairlines in South Tampa are not uncommon, yet they present a challenge to those who don’t expect to have them. Fortunately, South Tampa barbers are highly trained, creative, and well-practiced in achieving haircuts that hide the feature. Instead of spending hours of research and...

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Get the Perfect Cut:

In South Tampa, different men have different approaches to finding their next haircut. Some stick with the same barbershop they’ve used since they were kids, some often tell themselves, “I need to find the cheapest, best quality barbershop...

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Brow treatment- $5

A quick story for our South Tampa residents. I have a family friend named Kyle who had just left the army at the time, after 4 years of service he finally came back home to his family and friends in South Tampa. It was summer, Kyle has been home for a week now, so I took...

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The Sharpest Difference

Well the South Tampa Barber thinks you don’t sport a beard, you’re either well on your way or know a thing or two about shaving. Not everyone enjoys this grooming practice because it takes a lot of time and energy to shave, especially if you need to do this a few...