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Fountain of Youth

Brow treatment- $5

Quick story. I have a family friend named Kyle who had just left the army at the time, after 4 years of service he finally came back home to his family and friends. It was summer, Kyle has been home for a week now, so I took him to get a haircut at my old shop. Earlier in the week, I heard Kyle stressing about how aged his face looked after his tours. So upon completing his haircut, I said to his barber (who has been cutting my hair for 4 years) to put the “fountain of youth” guard on his clippers. Kyle is in his late 30’s at the time so of course, he’s not opposed to the idea of a fountain of youth. He put the guard on his clippers and proceeded to trim Kyle's eyebrows. I sat and watched him transform into a 25 year-old in front of me; upon finishing, Kyle saw what we meant by “fountain of youth”. Who would have thought the simple act of trimming down the eyebrows a little will make you look younger.

Some men in their thirties and upwards are a little more sensitive to matters of age, which is normal. More and more, men are finding out various ways and tricks to preserve their youthful appearances, like bald-fades and fashion. Little do many know the “anti-aging” benefits of a good eyebrow trim. It turns out, it has another, possibly even more important, effect – simply put, it looks neat and clean. Some men rock the bushy brows and frankly, it fits. However, for some of us, it doesn’t work so well- it just looks messy, unkempt and most of all, unprofessional.

My opinion is that all men should consider trimming their eyebrows and do it if it works for them. At King of Blades, we believe in royal treatment for loyal customers. My mother tells me to keep my face clean and well groomed because “if you look good you feel good”. This is the basic idea we translate to our #CutKings here at King of Blades for the satisfaction of our customers.